Late Post! I’m Part of Hijabers Community Jakarta


Yeh, this is veeerryy late to post. Blame it to 24-hours time that seems run so fast in my day.. -__-

As you know, Hijabers Community is a community for Muslimah around Indonesia. Hijabers Community or HC for short, found by some series of Muslimah that care about Islamic women in Indonesia and they want to  educate Muslimah to a better Muslimah ever. You can know further about this community by clicking this blog : Hijabers Community.

As now the committees of Hijabers Community are  getting busier than ever, now they’re making new branch, right here in Jakarta, their original based city. Hijabers Community is now only act as a founder of Hijabers Community from all around Indonesia. They’ve already had 5 branches along the previous year, 2012. All of them are : Hijabers Community Bandung, Hijabers Community Padang, Hijabers Community Yogyakarta, Hijabers Community Aceh, and last but not least, Hijabers Community Jakarta.

HC Jakarta’s committee are selected by series of selection stages. First stage is administration selection, we who interested of being HC Jkt’s Committee send an email consists of our CV to HC Pusat email. After administration’s selection, there are 95 participants that through the next stage, which is Interview selection. On Saturday, 20th October 2012, we all interviewed by the committee of HC Pusat at Jenahara’s Boutique, Kemang. Alhamdulillah, my interview went really well, my interviewer were Ghaida Tsurayya, Fatimah Rommy and Nadia Agusyana. They were really nice and funny. There was nothing formal in my interview, we all chit-chatted like old-friends reunion 😉

And alhamdulillah, All praises to Allah, I’ve elected to be one of HC Jkt’s Committe in Event Division. Hopefully, I can be a better muslimah with this new community and bring much benefit for people around me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come to HC Jkt’s Committee launching at Tryst, Kemang on 4th November 2012. Because that day was the exact same day with my engagement day, so it would be impossible I can come to the launching.

Well, anyway, I’m so thrilled to become one of HC Jkt Committee, because I believe, HC Jkt can bring much good benefit for my life, and I’m willing to  change the image of HC from all of this time. Many people has judged HC as a show-off community only, we’re just a bunch of ladies in hijab who wants to show our beauty and show it off. Bismillah. we take this community as our way to dakwah and spread Islam in a good way, in our way. Insyaa Allah, we can be a better muslimah and hopefully our community is blessed by Allah SWT.

FB Page : Hijabers Community Jakarta

Twitter : @HijabersCommJKT


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